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Please note that all admission decisions are taken by Bolton Council and the school has no control or influence over any admission decisions. This page is intended to provide prospective parents with key information regarding admissions.


  • Read the booklet Admission to Primary School September 2022
  • Online admission for Secondary School will be available from 20th September
  • The deadline for all online and paper applications for Reception places is 15th January 2022
  • If you apply after 15th January 2022 your application will be late and this could affect the outcome
  • If you need any help registering an interest or completing the forms, please contact the School Office on 01204 333679.  We are happy to help with completing forms and answering any questions.

Lever Edge Primary Academy's Admission Policies


Applications for admission to Reception class must be made on the form available above.  


The Academy will admit children with statements of Special Educational Needs or Education Health and Care Plans, where the school is named.  


When the number of applications received is greater than the number of places available, the decision on which children will be admitted will be based on the priorities in the Admission Policy.  

Data Collection Form 


We require all parents to complete a data collection form to ensure that pertinent information is provided to school. 

If you have not registered your child's details with a school or the Local Authority for admission to primary school for September 2022 please complete the online registration for or contact Pupil Services on 01204 333333 or by email to:


The offer day for Reception places is the 16th April 2022.  If you applied online you will be able to view the offer by logging in to your online application.


Special Educational Needs


If your child is undergoing an Educational Health and Care Assessment you will still need to complete an application for admission.  For further advice contact the Inclusion and Statutory Assessment Service on 01204 338653.

Transferring between Primary Schools


Bolton Council is responsible for co-ordinating admissions into all schools for those families resident within the Bolton Metropolitan Borough. This includes:


  • children wishing to change from one school to another school within the borough
  • children who have arrived into the borough requiring a school place
  • children wishing to move from an independent school to another school
  • children resident in the borough but requiring admission to a school in another borough


If you live in the area of another local authority then you must make an application through the school admission team for that authority.


Is there an application form I need to complete?


Parents or carers must complete the In-Year Admission to Primary School form after reading the guidance notes  There is also an In-Year Admission to Primary School - Part 2 that the current school, if it is in Bolton, must complete.


You must make sure your child continues to attend their current application is being considered.  However, it is recognised that for families who have moved into Bolton this may not always be possible. You must in such circumstances inform the Headteacher at their previous school of the arrangements you are making.



If I am unhappy and want to appeal a decision on my child's place?


If your child has not received a place and you would like to appeal that decision then please contact Bolton Council's Student and Pupil Services on 01204 333333.


You have a statutory right to submit an appeal for a place at your preferred school when your application for a place has been unsuccessful.  


How to appeal


Guidance and the relevant forms can be found on how you can appeal via Bolton Council's website:  Guidance and forms on how to appeal.


What happens next?


The deadline for Secondary Appeals for the new intake in September 2022 is the 31st March 2022.


An appeal date will be arranged within 40 school days of your appeal being lodged, and you will be requested to attend an appeal hearing.


An appeals panel, comprising three independent members, will consider your reasons for the appeal and will decide whether the child can attend the school of your choice.


The panel members have a background in education and are independent of us.


A full explanation of the appeal process will be included in the notification letter sent to you.