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WWF Home Learning Projects

MON, 4th MAY: Explore our forest biomes

Watch our short film and use our interactive globe to explore our forests and take a journey across our amazing planet.

TUE, 5th MAY @ 11:00am: Go on a garden safari

Join us LIVE on our dedicated Facebook group as we share tips on how we can all connect with nature in our own outdoor spaces and learn about different types of trees with Matt.

WED, 6th MAY @ 11am: Create a forest habitat

Join Lizzie on our Facebook group as she demonstrates how to make a recycled egg box habitat inspired by Christiane Dorion's book 'Into the Forest'.

THUR, 7th MAY @ 11am: WWF Talks Forests

This week our Forest Advisor, James Gordon, talks about the surprising similarities between your local woods and some of our planet's largest rainforests.

FRI, 8th MAY @ Learn more about Forests

Our new Our Planet educational resources have been designed to support Netflix's Our Planet series and have been developed for both primary and secondary school students in the UK. Our popular information sheet introduces the importance of our planet's forests and includes educational activities for young people aged 6 - 14 years.