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Top 5 Tips To Setting Up Your Childs Device

Top tip #1 - Always set a password

Encourage your child to set a password on their new device. This will help keep their private information safe from prying eyes. Ensure this password isn’t too obvious but ensure it is memorable to your child.


Top tip #2 - Set up parental controls

Parental controls are great for monitoring, reviewing and screening the content your child views. This will offer you some peace of mind that your child isn’t being exposed to inappropriate videos, games, books, music, etcXbox and Playstation have released new consoles recently – we’ve got the lowdown on how to set them up safely in time for the big day.


Top tip #3 - Only pair with known Bluetooth devices

Bluetooth connects devices wirelessly, allowing them to share content or stream audio. This is great for friends to share photos or listen to each other’s music. However, if your child pairs with an unknown device, they may be risking the security of their personal information.

Top tip #4 - Explain secure WiFi networks

Your home WiFi is password protected whereas public networks are not. This makes public hotspots more welcoming to hackers who can use these networks to attempt to access someone’s personal information without that person even knowing. Make sure you explain the difference in security between private and public networks to your child.

Top tip #5 - Turn location settings off


Ensure your child isn’t inadvertently broadcasting their location to other people by turning off their location services (these can be found in the settings menu of most devices). This not only keeps your child from being trackable, but it also significantly extends battery life.


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