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Class Dojo

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a points reward system which is used in school from Year 1 to Year 6.  Children can earn Dojo points by demonstrating positive behaviour such as helping others, working hard, being kind to others and making good progress during lessons. 

Parents/carers can access the details of their child’s Dojo account through the Class Dojo website or the Class Dojo app for their mobile phone or tablet. Once parents are signed up, they are able to monitor the points that have been earned or lost each day and Class Dojo can also be used to send messages between teachers and parents. It is secure and personal to our school and provides information in an easy to use format.  Each class has a ‘Class Story’ which teachers update with information and photographs to show what the children have been learning about in school and this can be viewed by parents once they have logged into their account.


If you are a parent/carer and do not have the login details for your account, please contact your child’s class teacher.


Watch the video below for help in getting logged in at home.  

How families log in to ClassDojo 🔑

Logging in: a tutorial for families. In this video, you'll learn how families go from a code or email invite to getting all set up with ClassDojo on the web and through the app 💻 For even more be sure to check out the HelpDesk at

Class Dojo Home Learning KS1

Portfolios is an area within Class Dojo that allows pupils to share work with their teachers and family! Teachers may set work for home learning for KS1 only using the Portfolio section. Children can add to their portfolio using Chromebooks, laptops, and iOS/Android devices, even from home. Teachers can view and approve student work on Portfolios using any device. Once approved, only parent accounts connected to their child can see those particular posts and both parents and teachers can leave positive feedback in the form of a like and/or comments.

How families can post to their student's Portfolio 🗂

Portfolios Overview: a tutorial for families. In this video, families will learn how to toggle between their own account and their student's account to post work.


•    Do message your child’s teacher if you want to share something positive from home or congratulate your child on something they have done in school
•    Do upload any pictures or clips of your child completing their work/ of their work so the teacher can see how they are getting on (KS1).

•    Please do not message your child’s teacher to notify them of absences or illnesses – this should be done via the school office as normal
•    Please do not use Class Dojo to message about any urgent or serious issues; please use the school office and normal school procedures for this

Teachers will always endeavour to reply as quickly as possible. However, please bear in mind that school life can be incredibly busy and whilst every effort will be made to reply or acknowledge messages, there may be a slight delay on occasion. Additionally, please do not expect a reply to any messages sent after 3:30pm or over the weekend as teachers may not be able to reply.