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NEW* SIMS Pay for Parents/Guardians



So that we can reduce the amount of cash and cheques that enter the school premises and also provide parents with greater convenience for paying trips, clubs and school meal, we are inviting you to use our secure e-payments solution SIMS Pay, which allows you to make these payments online.  




Please keep this letter safe as you will need the details within this letter to register your SIMS Pay Account.


Getting Started


We are inviting you to create a new SIMS Pay account for yourself at Lever Edge Primary Academy. 
You will be able to use this account to make payments for your children at the school within SIMS Pay.


To access SIMS Pay you will need an account with one of our supported identity providers: SIMS ID, Microsoft, Office 365, Google, Facebook and Twitter. It's likely you already have an account with one of these providers but don't worry if you haven't, Microsoft and Google accounts are free and easy to create.


You can create a Microsoft Account at: 
You can create a Google Account at: 


Registering Your Account

1)    Type the following link into your tablet, PC or smartphone web-browser: 
2)    Select Register 
3)    Choose the identity provider you want to use to access SIMS Pay (e.g. Microsoft).
4)    Enter the Invitation Code (which you will find on the letter your child will have brought home) and then one of your children's Date of Birth.

You must register your account by the date on the original letter, as account registration is time limited for security reasons.


Further Information


If you have a question about SIMS Pay you can find out more online in our Help Centre at:


Using SIMS Pay will dramatically improve the safety and security of Lever Edge Primary Academy and will reduce the amount of cash coming into the school office.   

If you have any difficulties registering for your SIMS Pay account, we will be running drop in help  sessions after the Easter holidays.  More information will follow.

Your support in adopting SIMS Pay is greatly appreciated.